Week 6 NCAA College Football Live stream

We’re in the second quarter of the college football schedule, the part when most of the country has already adjusted its goals and we’re just waiting for true contenders to start thinning each other out. Things can feel a little slow in early October, but fun’s always right around the corner.

Below, the Watch Grid aims to sort the Week 6 schedule by likely game quality, attempting to find you one great game and at least one solid backup in each window.

On paper, this isn’t the greatest weekend ever, but it’s another weekend with several chances for weird upsets, plus all the usual stuff.

Thursday, Oct. 5 college football schedule

WATCH No. 17 Louisville at No. 24 NC State (8 ET, ESPN/WatchESPN). Lamar Jackson on the road against a talented (if underperforming) defense makes for one of the year’s best Thursday nighters.

Friday, Oct. 6 college football schedule

Maybe watch Memphis at UConn (7 p.m. ET, ESPN/WatchESPN) and Boise State-BYU (10:15 ET, ESPN/WatchESPN). The two disappointing favorites at least face road challenges, but it’s unlikely anything more important than a botched fake punt arises, unless there’s a fight!

Saturday, Oct. 7 college football schedule

Early shift

Hey, it’s better than last week’s early group! Penn State faces another grunty Big Ten West team away from home, aka the only scenario in which PSU’s been challenged at all so far. Georgia’s away from home, Clemson faces a team that’s nearly 5-0, and — I don’t want to alarm you — the winner of Duke-Virginia will have only one loss.

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